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Intellectual Property Management

What We Do

GNU helps clients proactively manage their IP by:

  • Evaluating the commercial and internal/strategic value of innovations in the IP portfolio.
  • Developing and implementing strategies for commercializing IP throughout-licensing, start-ups, franchise, etc.
  • Identifying areas of strength in the IP portfolio, where further resources could be directed to capitalize on those strengths.

How We Work

At GNU, everything we do is imbued with our core values:

  • Creativity: Our out the box thinking when evaluating technologies helps us identify unexpected applications for and users of IP.
  • Communication: We effectively obtain information from industry experts without revealing proprietary information, striking a balance between candor and confidentiality.
  • Commitment: Because we are committed to doing what is in our client's best interests, our IP management recommendations are objective and honest.
  • Validation: We always ask questions to affirm our client's goals and end-objective and validate our recommendation through inter research analysis.
  • Innovation: We continually look for new ways to efficiently and effectively manage IP, drawing upon cutting-edge research sources, marketing tools, and information management technologies.
  • Value-Added: We gather relevant information to help clients make sound decisions strategize their business.

Our Experience

GNU has participated in hundreds of IP Management efforts. Specifically, we are one of handful of IP consultants who are able to leverage on government funding to assist SME in their IP management effort.

Call our experiences tell or email us at to find out how you can take advantage of this fully funded program no cost for you.